Filter Bags

DuoLine filter bags have been designed to provide effective filtration for a wide range of applications using a variety of filter media.

They are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure structural integrity and provide greater security during demanding process conditions.

DuoLine PP, PE, NY, NX, TT and UT ranges of filter bags adopt the use of needlefelt type media which provides both surface and depth filtration for maximum dirt capacity.

Three bag diameters are available in the DuoLine range, 4¼, 5½ and 7” all fitted as standard with a top ring locator in various materials and styles.

All DuoLine bags are designed to filter from the inside to out leaving the contamination inside the bag for simple disposal. These needlefelt bags can be used for both pre and final filtration duties.

Please see attached PDF for filter bag options.

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