Filter Cell - Filtasorb2 SIZE ONE

Filtasorb2 water removal media in size 1 will fit perfectly into our single length filter housings as well as other industrial standard standard size 1 housings.

From our recent rigorous in-house testing and excellent field trials, it is clear that Filtasorb2 can remove water effectively from mineral based oils.

Filtasorb2 absorbs up to 3x more water than the leading competitor while also enabling much faster flow rates. See graphs below of in house trials on hydraulic oil.

Filtasorb2 delivers unbeatable performance which ensures 100% free water and 99.9% entrained water are removed.



  • Up to 3x more water absorption capacity than the leading competition
  • Impressive high flow rates
  • Rapid water removal, even at high flow rates
  • Versatile cartridge design
  • Effective filtration down to 10 micron as standard (finer size options also available)
  • Removes both free water and absorbed water down to under 100ppm
  • Most cost-effective water removal system available; low cost per ml of water removed
  • Designed for use with all mineral and bio-based oils
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