Filter Cell - High efficiency multi-layer

Filtertechnik's High Efficiency Multi-layer Cells are designed for the most challenging clarification applications.


More layers equals better performance. Filtration efficiencies of 1 micron allow for single pass efficiency for those jobs where cleanliness needs to be guaranteed.

They utilise a muliti-layered polypropylene meltblown media with built in prefiltration layers providing a high efficiency for solids removal and long life. They have been designed to provide effective filtration for a wide range of applications using a variety of graded filter media.

Our cells are available with removal ratings from 0.5 - 25 µm, so can be used in the more critical applications.

Our cells are perfect for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, metal finishing, water treatment and automotive.


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  • Micron ratings available from 0.5 to 25μm for wide ranging filtration needs
  • Optional moulded polypropylene flange with handles for superior sealing and ease of handling
  • Polypropylene melt blown media, rated between 0.5 - 25μm
  • High efficiency media for critical applications


  • Wide selection of filter media and support ring materials
  • Identification supplied with every bag
  • Silicone free for use in automotive paint applications
  • Easy to use
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