The 53 SERIES single cartridge housing is ideal for use in sensitive gas, steam and pulsating pressure environments.


With the ability to accept both standard Double Open End and Single Open End cartridges, this single stack housing uses a DIN threaded closure that has proved successful in a wide variety of applications such as aerosol filling lines and nitrogen purge systems for beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


The 53 SERIES will accept the full range of Filtertechnik and industry standard cartridges ranging from 0.1 to 500μm with nominal lengths of 5, 10, 20 and 30”.


  • DIN threaded closure allows higher operating pressures
  • Suitable for gas, steam, and pulsating pressure environments
  • Lightweight, high specification investment cast head and top ring
  • Easy to use tie rod assembly design ensures cartridge centralisation (for a reliable knife edge seal) that enables the use of either 9.75” or 10” cartridge
  • length configurations (or multiples) in the same housing.
  • Dual purpose head accepts SOE code 3 and DOE cartridges
  • SOE code 7 and code B adaptors available
  • Available in 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C22 for maximum compatibility
  • Wide range of connection size and types, cartridge lengths and materials of construction.
  • PED Compliant to Cat I
  • Full traceability on all parts, material certification packs available
  • Rated at 28 bar


  • Investment Cast head (avoids the porosity & inclusion problems associated with lower quality sand castings).
  • Integral vent and drain sockets to aid efficient filter changeout complete with PFTE washer.
  • Unique interchangeable configuration enables choice of SOE or DOE cartridge styles in the same housing.
  • Every housing is etched with a batch number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available
  • Available in both 316L Stainless Steel and C22 Hastelloy
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