The 64 SERIES Multi cartridge housing is designed to accomodate 3, 5, 10 or 15 stacks of filters up to 40” long.


The centre positioned, split shell opening style is equipped with a Cast Vee clamp as standard for pressures ranging from 6 - 10 bar.g.


Leg mounted with the split shell opening, this is the ideal choice when using Single Open End plug in style cartridges. The simple to lift off lightweight dome allows full and easy access to the cartridges for rapid changeouts. With the free draining clean chamber, the 64 SERIES housings suit processes where cleanliness and ease of operation are essential. 


Accepting both standard Double Open End and Single Open End cartridges, this leg mounted, free standing housing will suit
most applications. Bolted closures are an option available for all models.


The 64 SERIES will accept the full range of Filtertechnik and industry standard cartridges with nominal lengths of 20, 30 and 40”.


  • Split body design allows easy access to cartridges on changeout
  • Dished bottom end allows complete drainage of clean chamber, leading to improved system cleanliness
  • Adjustable strap legs allow the user to set inlet and outlet heights
  • Vee clamp closures use unique ‘W’ style seal for reliable leak free operation
  • High quality cast Vee clamps for safety and security
  • Cast compression nut with integal PTFE washer for easy, hand tight cartridge sealing
  • Wide range of connection sizes and types available
  • Universal cup allows the use of plug in Code 3, Code 8 and Code A) and DOE cartridge styles in the same housing
  • PED and ATEX Compliant


  • Large selection of housing sizes available so suitable for a wide range of processes
  • Integral vent, clean and dirt drains to aid efficient filter changeout
  • Each housing hydrostatically pressure tested
  • Internally and externally electropolished as standard
  • Each housing etched with a unique serial number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available
  • Universal cup allows the use of plug in (Code 3, Code 8 & Code A) or DOE cartridge styles in the same housing
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