FT-86A and 86B SERIES

The 86 SERIES has been designed to meet the demands of most liquid processing applications where bag filters have been selected. The cast head incorporates an integral one piece inlet, double vent ports and features a special bolt retaining mechanism.


The robust construction has seen these housings utilised in all areas of chemical and liquid processing. With minimal product hold up volumes and easy access to the disposable filter bag via the retained hinged lid, operators will always favour this style of housing when given a choice. Safety is also greatly improved for hazardous or high temperature fluids.


The top entry, bottom outlet configuration holds almost 20% less in volume than the conventional side entry housing. 


The 86 SERIES filter assembly offers a cost effective and practical filtration solution for most liquid applications. It is available in either 316L Stainless Steel or Hastelloy C22. It is suitable for operating parameters of 10 bar at 150°C with a flow capacity of up to 30m3/Hr.


Two housing sizes are available for the 7” diameter bags, 16” single length and 32” double length. Our perforated basket retains most standard commercially available filter bags found on the market today including steel ring, moulded polypropylene and many other types.


  • Robust hinged closure with quick opening swingbolts
  • Minimal product hold-up volume
  • Excellent access to bag support basket - right at the top of the housing
  • Integral vent to aid efficient filter changeout
  • Each housing is hydrostatically pressure tested
  • Bead blasted finish inside and outside
  • Robust bag support basket assembly fabricated from perforated sheet
  • rather than wire mesh for extra strength
  • Positive bag seating mechanism to minimise risk of seal bypass
  • Rated at 10 bar liquid, 6 bar gas
  • PED Compliance - CE Marked


  • Investment cast top cover and inlet flange
  • Unique retained swing bolt assemblies with eyenuts
  • Available in both 316L Stainless Steel and Hastelloy C22 for maximum compatibility
  • Wide range of options available for connection sizes and types and materials of construction
  • Each housing is etched with a unique serial number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available
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