FTECH-CARB BE - Carbon Block Filter

FTECH-CARB BE cartridges contain an acid washed high purity coconut based activated carbon block and are suitable for removal of contaminants from potable water. This is combined with double layer spun bonded prefilter layer to ensure maximum life.


FT-CARB BE modules are available as standard diameter cartridges or as the large diameter B-Blue version for extended throughputs.


The BE grade offers an extremely economical solution to many common liquid treatment applications where a need for effective carbon treatment is required. 



If you would like any further information or advice on the most suitable cartridge for your application, please contact one of our team.




  • BE grade high purity coconut based carbon block media
  • One piece construction at 10 and 20” lengths
  • Double open end construction as standard
  • Available in conventional and B-Blue sizes
  • Polymeric and Elastomeric materials meet US FDA Title 21 requirements
  • Cartridges have been tested and certified to NSF 42
  • Featuring a 5μm nominal rating
  • Will not fluidise, channel or bypass, therefore maximising the effectiveness of the carbon media.


  • Effective carbon surface area for excellent chlorine reduction characteristics
  • Inner and outer filtration layer for effective sediment removal and protection of the carbon media
  • All polymeric construction offers excellent chemical compatibility and stability in aqueous solutions
  • Minimal carbon release when compared to conventional loose filled granular (GAC) style cartridges
  • Individually bagged and identified
  • One piece construction eliminates fluidising, channelling or bypass
  • B-Blue versions available
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