FTECH-PORE FPG - Pleated Depth Filter

FTECH-PORE FPG filters are designed as effective prefilters to membrane filters, as bioburden reduction filters and for final polishing applications.


They are suitable for many liquid processing applications and can also be used for particulate control in air and gases.


Manufactured using polypropylene for the hardware, the Ftech-Pore FPG utilises a superior Borosilicate Glass Microfibre as the media. It is a highly efficient pleated depth media which offers excellent dirt holding capacity and retention levels.


Its thermally bonded construction ensures minimal extractables and its high filtration efficiency makes it an excellent choice for use in beverage, fine chemical & water treatment processes.



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  • Borosilicate Glass Microfibre media
  • Epoxy binding for maximum compatibility
  • Polypropylene hardware with Polyester drainage layers
  • Absolute removal ratings Beta ratio 1000
  • Modular construction
  • Standard and Junior Configurations
  • Graded density media for optimum dirt holding capacity
  • Materials meet US FDA CFR Title 21 requirements
  • Suitable for most sanitisation regimes including steaming, autoclaving, hot water flush and most common sanitising agents.


  • Absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance
  • Pleated depth media for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • High surface area giving high flow rates and low initial pressure losses
  • Range of Absolute ratings from 0.3 to 10μm
  • Thermal bonding process eliminates adhesives and ensures minimal extractables
  • Identification mark on every cartridge 
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