FTECH-SS - High Capacity Oil Removal Modules

FTECH-SS cartridges are designed to provide effective removal of oil and hydrocarbons from water. They provide outstanding performance offering 99% removal efficiency and each cartridge can absorb up to 300% of its weight in hydrocarbons.

They can be operated at high flow rates, therefore offer a compact solution for oil removal that reduces environmental impact from spent cartridges.


Typical Applications:

Produced Water
The water released with oil and gas extractions is likely to contain both dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons. FTECH-SS cartridges can be used as an end of pipe solution downstream of the primary 
oil removal process equipment. This will remove residual gas condensate and dissolved and dispersed oil from produced water, enabling it to be discharge directly into the sea or to a watercourse.

Displacement Water
Water used in down hole operations will be 
contaminated with hydrocarbons when displaced. The use of FTECH-SS cartridges will help meet target discharge levels.

Rig and Tanker Slop Water
Installation ‘run-off’ water produced by operations such as washing and flushing and by rainfall will be 
contaminated by oil. Run-off water can be treated by FTECH-SS cartridges to ensure compliance with overboard discharge limits.

Well Test Water
Water extracted during well production testing will contain high levels of hydrocarbons. FTECH-SS cartridges can be used as a polishing step downstream of primary treatment to ensure discharge limits are met.

Pipeline Purge Water
FTECH-SS cartridges can be used to remove oil from water used to purge pipelines to enable discharging into the environment.



If you would like any information or advice on the most suitable cartridge for your application, please contact one of our team.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large carbon surface area exhibits excellent chlorine reduction characteristics
  • Graded density pre-filtration layer for effective sediment removal and protection of the carbon media
  • All polymeric construction offers excellent chemical compatibility and stability in aqueous solutions
  • Minimal carbon release when compared to conventional loose filled granular (GAC) style cartridges
  • Identification embossed on every cartridge
  • Construction eliminates fluidising, channelling or bypass
  • Can be sanitised and steam sterilised
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