FTP-180-6 - Bypass Filtration System (No Pump)

The FTP-180-6 is a offline filtration system for oils.

It consists of 6x FTP180 filter housings arranged in parallel to cope with oil flows of up to 20 L/min and 10 bar pressure. An internal bypass circuit opens at 4 bar that allows oil to pass directly from the inlet line to the outlet. 

Various valve arrangements can be incorporated into the inlet of the unit to allow it to be used on high pressure and high flow systems. The valve limits the feed to 20 l/min at 4 bar. Higher flow units are available on request. 


  • 20l/min maximum flow rate
  • 10 bar pressure
  • Inlet and outlet ports are 1/2” BSP (M) 60° coned
  • Hippo filtration systems can also be configured to connect to existing system pumps i.e. pump not fitted on rig



  • Cost effective
  • Simply ‘plug and play’ for immediate filtration efficiency
  • Available in multiple option Hippo housing configurations 
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