Intelligent Offline Unit & Mobile Dispensing System

Oils used in aviation applications, for example Exxon Turbo 2380, can be extremely expensive. These oils are usually disposed of prematurely.


We design and build a range of filtration modules which allow these oils to be cleaned up and re-used. Once the filtration is complete, the oil is cleaner and dryer than new oil. Our high performance, solid removal filters take out microscopic particulate and the water is removed at the same time. 

But don't take our word for it! You simply need to look at the PC9001 on-line laser particle counter and the water monitor to see how clean and water free this oil can become.


If you still are not convinced, we can analyse a sample in our laboratories and send you a report free of charge.


Why not contact us to discuss further to discuss the cost saving benefits of our filtration modules?

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