INTELLIGENT OIL FILTRATION CART 10 L/MIN water and particulate removal

Offline filtration and purification systemsFiltertechnik manufacture a range of filter carts and cleanup rigs for cleaning oils including the IFC6000 with the Hippo Filter.

The versatile hippo filters provide effective water and solid particulate removal. Standard in-line filters mostly filter down to 10-20 micron efficiency. The most harmful contaminants in oil are sub 5 micron particles, these are also the most abrasive. The Hippo filter is capable of removing harmful solid contaminants down to under 3 micron.

With built-in intelligence the IFC6000 is able to display in real time the ISO cleanliness codes of your oils. 

Hire your IFC6000 today and ensure your oil is clean and dry ensuring it is ready at anytime.



  • Flow rates of up to 10 L/Min for mineral based oils
  • Remove particulate and water contamination in one go
  • Portable and easy to manoeuvre around oil tanks 
  • Clean and dry oil ready for use


  • Includes on board sensors for moisture content (%RH) & particulate contamination (ISO 4406/NAS/SAE)
  • Supplied with x2 3 metre hoses with 1 metre extension lances
  • Built in intelligence - able to display real time ISO cleanliness codes
  • Lightweight 
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
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