Kidney Loop System 30 l/min

Filtertechnik's Kidney Loop System is a compact self-contained filtration skid for high viscosity fluids with a flow rate of up to 30 l/min, equipped with a high efficiency, high capacity elements capable of removing particulate and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically.

This off-line single filter system also comes with new patented Geoseal technology, with filtration efficiency possible down to 1┬Ám absolute ISO (15/13/10-14/12/19) filtration, with options of single, double or triple length filters for a high dirt holding capacity.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Steel production
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing
  • And many more...

Features and Benefits

  • Single, double or triple bowl length option to allow high dirt holding capacity
  • Base ported filter provides easy element service from the top cap
  • Sampling points
  • 30 l/min Gear pump for high viscosity fluids
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