Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-4NX: 100 L/MIN (6,000 L/HR)

The Neptune Dehydration Unit 4 is a transportable oil dehydration filtration unit capable of rapidly removing both free and entrained water to under 100ppm.

The NDU-4NX is the biggest Neptune in the range having 4x double length filter housings, increased flow rate and expanded dirt holding and water absorption capabilities. It is ideal for use around a plant, and rugged enough to run continuously to clean up heavily contaminated oil, with a higher flow rate than its predecessor, the NDU-4NX utilises the revolutionary Filtasorb2®, removing water down to under 100ppm, making it an excellent option for oil dehydration.

With a flow rate of 100 L/min (6,000 L/hr) and the added capacity of 4 x Filtasorb2® double length elements, the NDU-4NX can remove both free and entrained water down to under 100ppm.

All Neptune units are capable of continuous operation, and the NDU-4NX is no exception.

Should on-site verification of cleanliness and water content levels be required, practical Quick Connect fittings allow for instant connection to the Particle Pal, allowing real-time results in ISO/NAS/SAE in a matter of minutes and water content expressed as ppm or %RH.

Filtertechnik's NDU-NX range is the perfect solution to quickly and cost-effectively remove both free & entrained water in oils.


Extensively specified into:

  • The Automotive industry
  • Plant Equipment Hire
  • Steel production
  • Transformer
  • Oils Injection Molding
  • Gearbox oils

Range overview:


  • 4 x High-Performance Filtasorb2 inserts to achieve 100ppm or better
  • Transportable - perfect for plant use
  • High volume dirt holding capacity, to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • All-terrain castor wheels for ease of manoeuvre
  • Uses standard 110v or 240v mains electric
  • Flow rate rates of up to 100 l/min (6000 l/hr)


  • Rapidly remove both free and entrained water from large volumes of oil
  • Low-cost replacement filter cells
  • Compact footprint and easy to transport Single-pass cleanliness
  • Quickly removes both free and entrained water from oil
  • Cheap replacement filter cells Single-pass cleanliness