Filtasorb2 continues to impress with new trials on transformer oil

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Filtasorb2 worked wonders with a waste management company

With the recent success of using Filtasorb2 to remove water from diesel fuel and hydraulic oil, a study was carried out to understand how effective the media was for removing water from transformer oil and what level the water content could be brought down to.Using a four-round bag housing the water content of a 1000 litre IBC fell from 4597 ppm to 60.48 ppm in three passes. A fresh set of four Filtasorb2 cells were then fitted which brought the water content down to 38.50 ppm after an additional three passes.


The test was carried out using the following items:

  • Four-round filter housing, containing 4 Filtasorb2 water removal cells
  • Progressive Cavity pump operating at 50 litre/min
  • 1000 litre IBC containing used transformer oil , starting at 4597 ppm


The test setup involved using a 50 litre/min progressive cavity pump. to draw transformer oil from an IBC and push it through a four-round filter housing, where it was then returned back to the IBC. Once a complete transfer was carried out an oil sample was taken for laboratory analysis to determine the exact water content using the Karl Fischer Titration method. The process was then repeated to further bring down the water content.



1    Taken from bulk tank prior to filtration                                            4597 ppm

2    Taken upstream from the filters at sample point (during 1st pass)     352.28 ppm

3    Taken downstream from filters at discharge hose (during 3rd pass)    60.48 ppm

4    Taken downstream from filters at discharge hose (during 3rd pass after filter change out) 38.50 ppm


Results show the Filtasorb2 media works well at removing water from heavily contaminated transformer oil with a single set of filters, from a value of 4597 ppm to 60.48 ppm