Filtasorb2 real life test results

  • Filtasorb2

Outperforming the competition by a factor of 3!The Filtasorb2 filter cell was tested to determine its efficiency at removing water from diesel fuel.  Testing did not cover the filters efficiency for particulate removal.  The diesel fuel used was BS EN 590 #2 (2-D) automotive diesel fuel.

Fuel samples were taken prior to testing to determine the diesels water content, with samples taken at various stages during the test to establish the filters water removal performance.  Results showed removal of water from the fuel to be highly effective with the Filtasorb2 Filtasorb2 delivers unbeatable performance which ensures 100% free water and 99.9% entrained water removal 

            Starting with 700ltrs of diesel fuel with a 137ppm water content, 0.6ltrs of water was added over a 1 hour period and recirculated at 200lpm, bringing the water content up to 835ppm. A sample was taken at the start of the test, with subsequent samples taken at various intervals.  Fuels samples were analysed using the Karl Fischer titration method to establish the water content.