Filtertechnik Deliver sky high savings

  • Case Study

The aviation industry demands the cleanest possible oil which in turn requires heavy investment in maintaining and servicing the often highly stable synthetic fluid. In order to achieve this in an effective and economical way, oil filtration needs to take place regularly to ensure that the correct ISO cleanliness levels are met.  

Company: A leading provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) servicesProblem: the rising cost of filtering Mobil Jet Oil II to the required ISO cleanliness level.Solution: The provider chose the IFC-6050 to save costs on the filtration and replacement of Mobil Jet II oil. The Mobil Jet II oil is a highly stable synthetic base fluid with a unique chemical additive package, therefore to filter this to a strict ISO code would usually require the oil to be filtered on multiple occasions. The provider decided to use the built-in intelligence supplied with the IFC-6050 to assess the filtering process from the digital readout.The IFC-6050 is fitted with two versatile Hippo filters that remove particulate and water down to under 3 micron. The Hippo filters are changed after 2,000 hours of running, making the rig exceptionally cost effective. The online oil/fuel cleanliness particle counter PC9001 provided long term trending and finished component test results for the supplier ensuring they kept their oil to the correct ISO Code and as well as giving the opportunity to plan evasive action if required.

According to the Test Facility Manager: the process of filtration has saved £25,000 per year, as very little new oil has been purchased since the Filtertechnik rig was installed in October 2013. 

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