Filtertechnik Launch pocket sized Oil Cleanliness Guide

  • Oil Cleanliness Guide Launch

OverviewOver the past twenty years Filtertechnik Ltd have manufactured high quality filtration solutions for oils, fuels, biofuels and process fluids for both the UK and overseas markets.

We have forged deep connections with both small and multi-national companies, built on no-nonsense advice, fluid cleanliness expertise and an outstanding engineering team devoted to creating systems the market demands.It is a well-known statistic that over 80% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminants in the fluid. The best way to save machine failure is to put in place an effective and economical fluid management strategy.

ExperienceWe take pride in helping our customers every step of the way. From independent fuel/oil analysis, through to custom design and build, installation and aftersales support, we ensure our customers are satisfied and confident in their cleanliness equipment.

Over the years, our clean-up rigs have dealt with a variety of contamination issues: From saving costly downtime for hydraulic mining machines in South Africa, to cleaning fuel tanks for emergency back-up generators in critical applications such as hospitals.

Helping the next generation of fuel/oil cleanliness expertsFrom the first filtration rig we have built, to our latest range, we continue to offer solutions to the latest contamination issues. We are now proud to be putting all of that expertise into our fuel and oil cleanliness guides.

Our technical team have gotten together to create a useful go-to guide, ideal for those on site as a quick reference point help diagnose and treat contamination.

From understanding ISO cleanliness codes, to discovering the how clean your fuels and oils need to be, our guides cover fluid management from start to finish in a simple and easy to understand format.

We are proud to offer simple, no nonsense advice on the most cost effective methods of managing fluids. Why not ask us how we can help keep your fuel/oil clean and your equipment protected.

Please feel free to download both our oil and fuel cleanliness guides today, or request your pocket version from one of our friendly team.

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