From concept to creation - five steps to custom-made filtration

  • Custom made filtration

Filtertechnik have over 20 years experience of taking a filtration concept and turning it into a world class filtration solution. Our deep understanding of filtration enables our design and engineering team to take the concept and manufacture the right filtration system, no matter what the application.

For every custom-made filtration system request we take a universal approach:

  • Initial consultation
  • Design and provide a full brief
  • Manufacture the custom-made filtration system and install
  • Staff training
  • After sales service

1. Initial Consultation

From the initial conversation with the customer, our technical engineers will get a broad understanding of what is required. Is there particulate or water contamination? How long is the fuel stored for? Are there any access issues?  Our team will provide impartial advice to ensure that all of your questions are answered. We can even help you with on-site fuel analysis to find out the issues potentially already present in the fuel.

2. Design and BriefFollowing on from the initial consultation, key information is gathered and plans can start to be put into place using our in-house 3D CAD systems. With our experience, we can design the right filtration system to fit into the harshest environments. Whether in quarries, large mines or data centres our filtration systems are designed in the most efficient and practical way to suit your needs.

3. Manufacture and Install

From robust frames and innovative pipework configurations, to stainless steel filtration housings proven to last in even the harshest environments, we only use the highest quality components on our systems.

We only source quality components to assemble our filtration systems a few components and their qualities are listed below:

Pipework – galvanised, carbon steel, carbon & zinc (options)Robust construction, solid pipework with ‘O’ ring sealed crimped joints rated at 16 bar which will work in the harshest environments.Stainless steel housings – all of our housings are pressure tested to the European Pressure Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC.

User friendly control panel – our control panels are intuitive allowing the user to control the flow rate, set a timer for filtration start and stop in a time frame and can, as an added option, see the international cleanliness code rating of the fuel.  

Having built filtration systems in the U.K for over 20 years we really understand issues customers have, the need to use high quality manufacturing techniques and has provided us with the knowledge to build filtration systems for any application.

All of our filtration systems are manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. Our friendly team will then install the filtration rig on site and carry out proof tests to ensure that the system is fully functional to agreed specifications.

4. Staff trainingAfter installation is complete and the system is running, our experts will take you through hardware and software procedures and will be there to answer any questions you may have. We will help the user manage filtration in a simple and cost effective way.

5. After sales serviceAside from being contactable for any queries you may have, we also offer a range of additional service programs to ensure the system is operating at its optimum level.

Our filtration systems are deployed in a wide range of applications across the globe including mines in South Africa, European railways, hydraulic machinery for quarries in Dubai, global financial institutions, hospitals, offshore oil platforms and many more.

For a full friendly consultation please call 0115 900 3600 or alternatively view a selection of custom made filtration systems we have manufactured in the past.