How testing is integral to all of our filtration systems

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  • Custom made filtration

We supply custom-made filtration/polishing systems to meet a wide range of applications, whether it is cleaning stored diesel for UPS applications, removing contaminant from skydrol or clean up systems for various ATEX applications, we have a solution available.

We believe in our comprehensive product testing procedures, proofing all of our components for fault. Our engineering team carry out the following tests on all of our products as standard:

  • Low pressure air testing – we stringently test our pipework, joints and seals to 0.6 bar to check for any leakages
  • Following the successful air test, the filtration unit is put through a range of performance and calibration trials
  • Wet test – we run up to 1,000 litres of the application fluid through the polishing system
  • System complexity tests – The filtration/polishing unit is incrementally pressure tested up to the maximum operating pressure
  • Complete electrical and fault finding tests are carried out over a long period of time; ensuring that each component works to the highest standard
  • System Protection and B.M.S outputs are fully tested

Feel free to contact us for further details on our testing procedures. For application information and no-nonsense advice give our friendly team a call.