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Rather like the human body, hydraulic systems need regular check ups to test for contamination, whether that may be particulate build up caused by oil degradation or high levels of water found in the system.Steps to take an oil sample:1. Ensure the machine is either shut down or just started to operate. This way any contamination in the fluid can be captured2. Remove cap or cover to get to the tank3. Insert the correct outlet hose and collect roughly 100ml of oil

We recommend that you follow the guidelines recommended below for the frequency of system sampling. 









Please visit www.nfpc.co.uk for further information.

Now take this sample bottle of oil and analyse the ISO cleanliness code. The ISO cleanliness code measures the purity of your fuel/oil in three particulate sizes measured in microns: 4μ 6μ 14μ.

The ISO code is made up of three key numbers:19/17/14

Each number signifies a contaminant level code for the correlating particle size. It is key to understand that each time the code increases the quantity range of particles is doubling. The National Fluid Power Centre has simplified the ISO code into a table showing the recommended particles existing in the micron size of fuel.

We hope that after reading this post, sampling and analysing the cleanliness of your oil/fuel is simple to do.

Filtertechnik provide solutions for identifying contamination from oils/fuels through patch test kits, laser particle counters and portable field kits to give live ISO cleanliness and water content readings. We also offer an in-house laboratory analysis that provides you with an easy to read report showing you the cleanliness of your oil or fuel. 

Our Particle Pal is the ultimate portable oil/fuel cleanliness analyser - displaying real-time ISO/NAS/SAE readings for your fuel or oil. To find out more information please find the Particle Pal below.

For further information about oil/fuel sampling analysis and how Filtertechnik can help you resolve any oil or fuel related contamination issues please visit: filtertechnik.co.uk