Particle Pal Plus + Water PPM and Density Sensor: Digital Imaging Portable Particle Counter

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Our all-new Particle Pal Plus utilises breakthrough digital imaging technology which provides greater insight into the size and type of particulate in any fuel system. Air bubble elimination and shape recognition gives root cause particle analysis. Water content and density sensors complete this package.


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Harnessing the power of proven digital imaging technology with density and water sensing technology.

Digital Imaging particle counting gives ISO 4406 counts as well as 4, 6, 14, 21, 38 & 70-micron sizing and bubble elimination. This powerful technology, when coupled with the addition of a Water PPM sensor and a Density Sensor gives unprecedented, on-the-spot insight into the condition of your diesel fuel.  Density sensing is used when fuel tampering/replacement is suspected.

The image to the right is representative of particulate that the embedded S120 Digital Imaging particle counter sees.  Images of the fuel are not displayed on the screen.

Built-in Display

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    FS9V4 Screenshot
  1. Clear and easy to read ISO code which changes between green, white and red to indicate the fuel cleanliness.

  2. Fuel cleanliness for each size category details the ISO code, the number of particles per millilitre and the bubbles detected.

  3. Additional sensors: Water as PPM and Density give an unprecedented insight into the overall condition of the fuel.

  4. Additional settings allow control of the pump speed for priming and flushing, data logging, ISO cleanliness alarm limits and changing the time zone.

  5. Fuel cleanliness is trended over time to show how its condition changes.

  6. Particles are analysed and sorted into fatigue wear, cutting wear, sliding wear and fibre identification to give root cause analysis.

  7. Open a full-size QR code which can be scanned from your mobile device to open the last 5 tests as a fully tabular and graphical report on



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Online reporting tool

Particle Pal Plus has the ability to generate a QR code, representing the 5 most recent tests. When scanned on a mobile device this will open a fully tabulated and graphical report based on those readings hosted on After viewing the report you can choose to create or log into your user account, then save your reports.

Additional test information can be added to saved reports for future retrieval, as well as optionally displaying your own company name and logo before being shared with third parties such as your own customers.



Digital Imaging Particulate Counter

Capable of broad size determination from 4, 6, 14, 21, 38 & 70 micron counts. Air bubble and water droplet elimination. Shape determination to identify fatigue, sliding or cutting wear as well as fibre identification.

Battery Life

Internal rechargeable lithium batteries provide up to ten hours of use.

Water Sensor

Water in fuel is a contaminant that can contribute to microbial growth and encourage further contamination, from solids to rust. The inbuilt water sensor shows the water content of fuel in PPM.

Density Sensor

Density is reported as  Kg/m³ and is a useful metric to determine if diesel fuel has been tampered with.

Water content

Displayed as parts per million (PPM). Helps inform whether water removal is actually required.


Displays live density of fluid samples. (kg/m³)

Particulate analysis.

The Atten2 digital imaging particle counter gives advanced size and shape recognition for any sample.    Counting particulate in fuel and virtually any oil up to 320cSt, the Atten2 device also eliminates air bubbles. Reporting 4, 6, 14, 21, 38 & 70 micron counts as well as categorising any particle greater than 20 microns into Fatigue Wear, Sliding Wear, Cutting Wear and Fibres.

Particle Pal Plus - Advanced Fuel Analysis - Technical Information

Fluid Compatibility  Diesel Fuel (320 cSt viscosity limit)
Display Information Particulate: ISO 4406, SAE AS4059 & NAS 1638, bubble elimination and particulate wear analysis.
Water sensing: Water is displayed in parts per million (PPM).
Density: Range: 0.6kg/m³ - 1.3kg/m³
Resolution: 0.001kg/m³
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Modes of Operation Bottle sampling and tank sampling.
Data All data stored locally with an option to export to CSV or PDF.