PC9001 Laser Particle Counter

Save money, prevent expensive downtime AND see your oil or fuels contamination levels in real time!

Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, the PC9001 is a continuous particle counter with instant LED readout, computer interface and trending software.

It is simple to use, low cost, accurate and constructed for harsh environments and can be used as an alarm to notify you of any changes in contamination levels.

Sample a wide range of oil-based products with 2 to 424 cSt range, along with high temperature and pressure options. The PC9001 software is ideal for long term trending, roll off and finished component test results and reports for quality control, on-line flushing to report when clean levels have been reached, reporting and logs for archiving.

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  • 500 bar pressure
  • Flow rate: 0.5 l/min
  • Alarm indication with relay for controlling systems
  • Local display offers ISO codes for each liquid particle count channel, alarms and status information.
  • Live ISO, NAS and SAE readings
  • Accuracy is +/- half an ISO code.
  • Trending software provided free of charge with the units
  • Software runs on a standard PC with an RS232 port
  • Software compatible with Windows 7
  • The software can handle up to 5 inputs via RS232 or up to 249 when used an RS485 converter


  • Ideal for fluid cleanliness trending
  • Real-time liquid particle counting contamination and condition information available for quicker decision-making in oil analysis applications.
  • Easy integration into control systems
  • Low cost and compact
  • Highly accurate Easy to install
  • Results can be exported into Excel for additional reports and logs for archiving
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