PORTABLE OIL POLISHING CART 15 L/MIN water and particulate removal

The NDU-1NX is the perfect portable solution for clean, dry and re-usable oil.

The NDU-1NX-230 is a portable oil dehydration filter cart capable of rapidly removing both free and entrained water to under 100ppm with flow rates up to 15 l/min. By utilising Filtasorb2® or 1µm absolute rated elements, the NDU-1NX is ideal for oil dehydration and clean-up. The NDU 1NX is excellent for mobile use around a plant or from site to site and is rugged enough to run continuously and transport quickly to clean up heavily contaminated oil. With a flow rate of 15 L/min (900L/hr) and the ability to absorb water from a wide range of oils including gear, transformer and hydraulic (Add) as well as its high-water holding capacity the NDU-1 also has the option for a pleated element FT-CE-01-Z01, which will achieve cleanliness levels of 14/12/9-13/11/8.


  • High-performance Filtasorb2® inserts to achieve 100ppm or better
  • Flow rate rates of up to 15 l/min (900 l/hr)
  • High volume dirt holding the capacity to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 14/12/9-13/11/8
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray and fitted with all-terrain castor wheels for ease of manoeuvre
  • Uses standard 110v or 240v mains electric


  • Low-cost replacement Filtasorb2 filter cells
  • Small footprint and easy to transport
  • Single-pass cleanliness
  • Rapidly remove both free and entrained water from oil
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile and basement tank access


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