Portable Oil Polishing Cart 45 l/min particulate removal down to 1µm absolute

The SFC-3000 is a rugged filtration system designed for constant industrial or intermittent oil transfer use, and more heavy duty than its entry level counterpart the Sentry.

With two housings fitted onto the unit, it boasts not only a large dirt holding capacity, but also the option of staged filtration. Use your SFC-3000 to remove large contaminants in stage one and smaller particles in stage two. This staged process will reduce the frequency you need to change your elements. The dual-filter design also means that you can introduce a water removal element, giving the option to remove both solid and water contamination in one unit.

The SFC-3000 is a versatile unit and can be used in a multitude of industries including steel production, machine tools, automotive, injection moulding, manufacturing and many more.


  • Flow rate - 45l/min
  • High Capacity 14” housings
  • Two housings fitted offering the possibility of staged filtration
  • Uses standard 240VAC mains electric
  • Off-line contamination control
  • Cleanliness level down to ISO cleanliness code 14/12/9-13/11/8
  • Rugged design
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to transport
  • Increased dirt holding capacity
  • Staged filtration possibilities to reduce element change out
  • Flexible filter element selection – water removal option available
  • Low cost replacement cartridges
  • A range of element micron ratings available
  • Easy element changeover
  • Perfect for replenishing systems with filtered oil, end of production line flushing and emptying waste oil quickly
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