S120-PM Digital Imaging Particle Counter and Datalogging

The S120-PM digital imaging particle counter is  Filtertechnik's solution to advanced online condition monitoring. Providing a complete unit ready to install. The S120-PM can store up to 100,000 lines of data which equates to around 3 months worth of constant monitoring. 

The S120-PM has a spare 4-20mA input available for including a Relative Humidity sensor. This can be purchased additionally to work in conjunction. 

The internal sensor has the ability to measure a broad spectrum from 4 to >70μm recognising different shapes of particles which can be grouped into fatigue wear, sliding wear and cutting wear as well as fibres. 

In addition, anti-foaming additives such as polydimethylsiloxane are not counted as particles by digital imaging, this is a major advantage over Laser Particle counters which see the micelle-like formations created by this additive as contamination, often resulting in particle counts being raised by 2 to 3 ISO codes, especially the 4 and 6 micron channels. For more information please read our article on laser counters and phantom particle counts.

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