Filtertechnik design and manufacture a range of portable or permanently installed water glycol filtration systems. Our entire range offers unbeatable performance to get your system running efficiently again. With capacity to remove up to 48kg of dirt holding on the 12 insert high flow option. Case studies have shown that clean water glycol can be up to 20% more thermally efficient and help pumps and seals last longer.Both portable and permanent options are designed to function as side stream or kidney loop filters as well as acting as a transfer pump to re-fill systems if required. They can be plumbed into live systems to clean whilst the plant is running at up to 10 bars pressure. High capacity filter elements help to rapidly clean a system up quickly and then maintain cleanliness levels in the future. Buy or Rent We can quote for a new unit sized for your needs, alternatively, we have several rental rigs if you need a rapid deployment to clean up a system.Please call or email sales@filtertechnik.co.uk for pricing and availability.


  • Both portable and permanent options available
  • Removes contaminant while plant is running
  • Can remove contaminant at up to 10 bar pressure


  • Cleans a wide range of coolants down to 1 micron
  • Dirt holding capacity of 4kg per filter and up to 48kg on the 12 insert high flow option
  • Buy or rent options
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