Water Glycol cleanup systems

Filtertechnik are specialists in the filtration of water based glycol coolant systems. Whether it be a hire unit for an emergency clean up application, or a mobile or skid mounted system being used in a permanent preventative maintenance role, we have the expertise and equipment you need.

Our systems are designed to be used offline, i.e. they take and return fluid from the main system using their own pump. This could mean that they are circulating the fluid in the main tank or taking it from a suitable access point in the pipework. They can work on both open and closed loop systems. This is also known as side stream or kidney loop filtration.

We use self-priming, vertical multistage pumps that provide reliable and quiet performance at good pressures. All of our systems employ a staged filtration approach. We use a bag filter for the initial stage(s) to provide high capacity filtration with low cost consumables. Following that we use cartridge style filters to provide absolute rated filtration down to a possible 0.3 micron. All the filter housings have a wide range of elements available, so the staging can be tailored to suit every application.

From an electrical aspect our systems use a PLC to constantly monitor differential pressure across the filters and also several key safety parameters. Any fault condition will shut the pump down and alert the operator to the cause of the fault. We can also include outputs for communication to the site BMS etc.

There are currently two offline / side stream units in the Filtertechnik hire fleet suitable for use on glycol systems. We have a 100 L/min unit and a 250 L/min options.

We have a standard design 100 L/min unit to purchase, normally available on a 4-5 week lead time. The 100 L/min hire unit was the prototype for this design.Ā 

We offer a bespoke design and build service to cater for anything outside of our standard unit. We can offer options such as heaters, magnetics, additional filtration stages, custom layouts to suit existing floor layouts etc. Please call or email to discuss your application further.

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