Water Measurement Sensor WMS500 for Genuine PPM

Filtertechnik are pleased to launch a genuine PPM sensor for oils and diesel fuels.


The WMS500 differs from our water RH sensors in that it is completely calibrated and temperature compensated throughout the water content range of any given oil or diesel fuel. It can also be calibrated to your individual requirements.


It is ideal for accurate, repeatable measurement of parts per million (ppm) levels in oils and diesel fuels.


The WMS500 measures absolute water content in hydraulic, silicon oils and bio oils.


If you would like more information on the WMS500, or any of our moisture sensors, please contact one of our team.


  • Continuous monitoring (inline measurement)
 4-20mA, RS232, switching options

  • Output of absolute water content in ppm or % saturation - calibrated to customer requirements
, for example, to give highly accurate PPM counts in diesel fuel it may be decided that 20mA = 500PPM.
  • For silicon oils, bio oils and mineral oils (additional oils available on request)

  • Calibrated against  Karl Fischer titration (ASTM D1533)
  • Accessories available include; stationary display, mobile data logger, data logger with internet linkage and multi-channel data logger


  • Real Time PPM measurement
  • Designed for inline measurement of the absolute water content.

  • Fully Calibrated and Temperature compensated

  • Long-term stability

  • Can be built into our Particle Pal portable laser particle counter
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