On Tank Diesel Polishing Systems

Stored diesel fuel can contain many types of contamination, all of which are harmful to engine systems at varying degrees. Solid contamination, particulate and water all cause stored fuel to degrade over time. With stored fuel used to run diesel back-up generator USP applications such as data centres and hospitals it has never been as important to have clean and dry stored diesel fuel. With this in mind our expert technical team at Filtertechnik have developed a portfolio of On Tank fuel polishing units designed to remove particulate and water leaving stored fuel clean and dry.
  • ATEX OTU-1 Fuel Polishing System - 50 L/min (3,000 L/HR)

    ATEX on-tank fuel polishing system
  • OTU-1 Fuel Polishing System - 90 L/min (5,400 L/HR)

    On Tank Unit
  • OTU-2 Fuel Polishing System - 90 L/min (5,400 L/HR)

    OTU-2 On Tank Fuel Polishing System
  • OTU-3 Fuel Polishing System - 90 l/min (5,400 HR)

    OTU-3 fuel polishing system
  • OTU-4 Fuel Polishing System - 200 L/MIN (12,000 HR)

    On Tank fuel polishing system 4
  • OTU-5 Fuel Polishing System - 250 L/MIN (15,000 HR)

    On Tank Fuel Polishing System 5