• IPU acquire Filtertechnik’s fuel conditioning business to become number one in the Fuel Conditioning industry

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    IPU Group has acquired the Fuel Conditioning division of Nottingham-based Filtertechnik Ltd. The acquisition reflects IPU’s confidence that the market for fuel conditioning will continue its strong growth.

    The need for fuel conditioning is becoming better understood in both the private and public sectors. Organisations realise that stored diesel decays over time and are taking measures to protect themselves against the debilitating effects of contamination: power failure, damaged engines and business disruption.

  • Filtertechnik strengthen partnership with Schroeder Industries

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    We are proud to be distributors for Schroeder Industries and have had a long working relationship with them for many years.

    After much hard work from our sales and engineering team, we are thrilled to have received their 2016 award for ‘Fastest Growing International Distributor’.

    A special mention has to go to our Aftermarket Manager for all of her hard work which has allowed us to win this award.

    Schroeder Industries are well known for quality and innovation and we embrace these values whole-heartedly. We look forward to many more years working alongside them.

  • Filtertechnik Launch pocket sized Oil Cleanliness Guide

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    Over the past twenty years Filtertechnik Ltd have manufactured high quality filtration solutions for oils, fuels, biofuels and process fluids for both the UK and overseas markets.

  • Your Step by Step Guide to Patch Testing

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    The very best oil analysis programs incorporate some degree of on-site analysis. For most plants, mills and mines, particle monitoring is the most productive onsite oil analysis activity available. A simple patch test enables the technician to quickly identify abnormal levels contamination and wear debris so that corrective actions can be scheduled accordingly.


  • Incredible Savings on Clearance Goods

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    After reviewing our stock, we have several items which we can now offer at amazing sale prices. These will be priced to clear so please drop us a line for a quote on any of the below.

    We have full filter units, filter housings, heads, indicators, filter elements and cartridges, filter bags, particle counters and a range of spares/components.

    Consideration will be given to consolidated or bulk orders. Images to follow.


    Filter Units

    EWU-1X2K-2P (x1 available)

  • How testing is integral to all of our filtration systems

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    We supply custom-made filtration/polishing systems to meet a wide range of applications, whether it is cleaning stored diesel for UPS applications, removing contaminant from skydrol or clean up systems for various ATEX applications, we have a solution available.

    We believe in our comprehensive product testing procedures, proofing all of our components for fault. Our engineering team carry out the following tests on all of our products as standard: