OTU-2 Oil Polishing System - 90 L/min (5,400 L/HR)

The OTU-2 is a compact floor mounted oil polishing cabinet designed specifically for removing sludge and particulate residue typically found at the bottom of tanks. With flow rates of up to 90 l/min, the OTU-2 will keep stored oil in prime condition.


  • Compact floor mounted unit
  • GRP weather proof enclosure
  • Flow rates of up to 90 l/min
  • High volume dirt holding capactiy to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13 or better
  • Optional high performance Filtasorb2 inserts to achieve 100ppm or better
  • Extensive selection of filter cell inserts to suit every clean-up application
  • Differential pressure guage indication of system performance
  • Water drain valve on sump of filter housing
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • Safety features as standard; emergency stop, beacon alarm & float switch
  • Suitable for most diesel, kerosene and biodiesel (B100)


  • Clean, dry oil, ready for use when required
  • Recover and re-use contaminated oils
  • Low running costs
  • Can be moved between tanks or dedicated to a single tank
  • Single pass cleanliness
  • Ideal for tank cleaning and oil recovery
  • Optional real time analysis of oil cleanliness levels enabling cleaning to a pre-set ISO level
  • Ideal for remote facilities
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