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Filtertechnik offer a comprehensive, in-house design and build panel service for small to medium projects.  

We cover single phase, 3 phase and DC applications.  We can offer both mechanical relay and PLC control systems depending upon requirements and budget.  Touch screen HMI's, integrated ticket printers, ethernet and wireless communications plus data logging are all available options.

Our touchscreen HMI projects use hardware from Red Lion Controls and their Crimson 3 programming environment.  This allows us to provide a completely custom user interface, designed with the clients input, to ensure all the required information is shown at the right time in the clearest, most presentable way possible.

Our blind PLC equipped projects use hardware from Phoenix Contact's Nanoline range.  These compact and neat PLC's offer expandability for up to 17 digital input channels and 16 relay output channels.  They can also monitor multiple analogue inputs and can output status information to a remote LCD screen, if required.  All programming is carried out in house by our trained engineers.  

Our inverter equipped projects use the Invertek Optidrive range of inverters, these are available with 240 / 110 VAC single phase input options as well as 415 VAC 3 phase.  

We use quality enclosures in either powder coated, mild steel or 304/316 stainless steel.  Environmental ratings up to IP56.

The above products are our preferred choice of hardware that we know, trust and have found to be ultra-reliable in service over many years.  However, we are happy to build to a client's own specification if something different is preferred. 

Our in house 3D printing capability allows for the rapid production of custom component mounts, ensuring we can provide the best hardware layout in the quickest possible time.

We can build to existing circuit schematics / designs, or simply tell us what you want the panel to do, and we will design the circuit and provide CAD schematics as part of the package.

Previous projects include

  • DOL motor starter panels.
  • Invertor and soft start motor control panels.
  • Filter system monitoring.
  • Test rig control systems.
  • End of production line testing systems.
  • Oil condition monitoring systems.
  • Timer controlled motor starters.

We pride ourselves on short lead times and a solution tailored specifically to what the client needs.

Please contact us to discuss your application in further detail.

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