Combined Oil Filtration and Cooling Systems

Combined oil filtration and cooling systems can extend the life of oil in any hydraulic, lubrication or transmission system.

Filtertechnik has experience of building filtration systems with integrated water cooling to keep an assets oil cool.

According to the Arrhenius Rule: For every 10°C rise in temperature above 40°C, the oils oxidative service life is halved -resulting in more frequent oil drains, more downtime, and more COST!

No system is too large or too small, Filtertechnik has experience of many sized cooling and cleanup rigs. Either water-cooled or air-cooled.

When also combined with off-line filtration the overall effect is an oil that lasts longer and an asset that doesn’t breakdown as much.

In addition to extending an oil’s life via cooling, the effect of cleaning oil by a few ISO codes also has a huge improvement to machinery longevity.

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