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Filtertechnik have developed a portfolio of products for accurate real-time monitoring of Particulate, Water Content and Remaining Life for Oil and diesel fuels.  We offer 2 particle counting approaches, new Digital Imaging technology and more traditional Laser Particle counters.

S120 Digital Imaging Particle Counter
The S120 Digital Imaging particle counter is a huge step forwards in accurate determination of oil and diesel fuel Particle counting using revolutionary new digital imaging and advanced algorithms to analyse particles on the fly. A wider particulate size categorisation (4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70 and >100 microns are counted and categorised) as well as shape recognition sorting particles 20 microns and above into; Sliding, Cutting and Fatigue Wear. An additional major feature is bubble recognition and elimination from ISO counts. 
Filtertechnik have conducted extensive testing of both Digital Imaging and Laser counting when Siloxane based anti-foaming additives are present in mineral oil, especially polydimethylsiloxane, a common additive to hydraulic oils. This additive causes phantom particle counts with laser counters but not with digital imaging. For more information on this phenomenon please click here.

PC9001: On-line laser Particle Counter
At the heart of our laser counting equipment is the PC9001 instrument. Utilising the exact same laser particle counting technology found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment, the PC9001 gives live readings of ISO, NAS or SAE readings. It is rated for continual use in industrial applications and is the ideal monitor to flag sudden changes in an oil condition. Accuracy is +/- half an ISO code.

Particle Pal Range

We offer various portable particle counters which use both Laser and Digital Imaging technology. All particle Pal units are manufactured in Nottingham, the range is detailed below and have a much improved feature set:


    • FS9V2 Particle Pal: Live ISO/NAS/SAE particulate readings for Oils and Diesel Fuels
    • FS9V2-RH Particle Pal: Live Particulate and % RH Water detection (oils only)
    • Particle Pal Life Laser based Particulate, Water Content and Remaining Useful Life of any oil
    • Particle Pal Pro Digital Image based Particulate, Water Content and Remaining Useful Life of any oil.


    • FS9V2 Particle Pal: Live ISO/NAS/SAE particulate readings for Oils and Diesel Fuels 
    • FS9V2-PPM Particle Pal: Live Particulate and genuine PPM (Parts Per Million) Water content (diesel fuel only)
    • FS9V2-PPM-DEN Particle Pal: Live Particulate, Water PPM and accurate Density sensor to alert to the presence of kerosene, water or any other foreign substance in diesel fuels
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