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Schroeder Industries' expanding product portfolio has shifted, and Filtertechnik is now able to offer a full package of hydraulic tanks.

These tanks provide integrated filtration for superior fluid conditioning, all in a single, subassembly installation.

Schroeder Industries tanks offer integrated solutions for customers looking to get more from their hydraulic reservoirs.

Filtertechnik offer a line of complete package solutions called the TNK Roto-Molded Tank Package series. Available in 15, 70 and 95-litre configurations, the TNK comes complete with a Schroeder Tank-Mounted Return Filter, and all accessories needed to ensure a significant decrease in your system’s contamination levels.

Constructed of either a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Nylon 12 (PA12) depending on the operational temperature ranges our customers' application. The material for the tank also comes with a UV Stabilizer to prevent damage from ultraviolet exposure.

We also offer a complete Tank Optimisation Service to equip your machinery with a reservoir to meet your specific and cost-saving demands.

With global competition continuously placing intense pressure on OEMs to decrease costs and increase energy efficiency, Schroeder saw the immediate need for flexibility in offering an optimisation service in addition to our standard TNK product. By providing optimisation services, we can visit each customer site and observe all individual needs and requirements for a genuinely optimised hydraulic reservoir solution.


  • Package solution comes complete with all accessories installed
  • Patented insertion ring for filter head flange mounting prevents leakage
  • Patented integrated baffle wall creates a settling zone for returning oil (degassing) with a simultaneous cooling effect
  • Optimised for air and heat removal
  • Tested for leakage (no testing required)
  • The tank is certified clean, eliminating time-consuming flushing processes and testing
  • Lightweight and cost efficient
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Available in three different sizes and configurations
  • GeoSeal® patented element technology

To find out how our Tank packages can benefit you, please contact one of our expert team to discuss further. Free Phone: 0800 0087 456 Email: sales@filtertechnik.co.uk 

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