Air Operated Filtration systems

Portable oil polishing units for the removal of water and solid particulate.

The SFC-3000-Air 316S/S ATEX portable filtration unit is a compact, self-contained filtration system, equipped with high efficiency, high capacity filter elements capable of removing particulate contaminants and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically. It is designed for on-site preventative maintenance and is fitted with two standpipes and hoses for efficient fluid transfer. The suction standpipe is fitted with a strainer to trap any large contaminants and protect the pump.

  • Air operated for Atex zone 2
  • Flowrate 78 l/min pump
  • Max discharge pressure 8 bar
  • Max air pressure 8 bar
  • Dual filtration with a selection of elements in micron sizes: 260,160,25,10,5,3,1 and water removal.

Typical Applications

  • Filtering the fluid in a hydraulic reservoir periodically as a supplement to continuous filtration by system filters.
  • Cleaning up your hydraulic system before restarting the system following component failure.
  • Providing clean fluid when re-filling and adding fluid to the system reservoir.
  • Reclaiming contaminated fluid.
  • Pre-filling and cleaning up hydraulic systems on new or re-built machinery and equipment.
  • Off-line contamination of hydraulic systems.
  • Emptying waste fluid quickly.
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