Oil Laboratory Tests

We offer a comprehensive, low-cost oil analysis service.

We provide a competent laboratory service using up to date technology combined with professional excellence.

Our laboratory analysis service allows you to take your oil samples using bottles pre-cleaned to ISO 3722 standards, and post them off directly to the laboratory.

The reports give valuable information on the condition of the oil, e.g. water contamination, metal content etc.

Alternatively, we can offer a full oil cleanliness monitoring package whereby our engineers visit to take the samples and provide advice on interpreting sample results.

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  • Sterilised sample bottles
  • Thief pump available to aid sampling from oil reservoir or tank
  • Simple & easy to read diagnosis report


  • Cost savings from early diagnosis and a report that is easy to interpret.
  • Our expert team can provide immediate action with our oil cleanup systems

The process in four easy steps

  1. We send you sample bottles complete with analysis form
  2. Take the sample and put in the sampleĀ bottle provided
  3. Fill in the form and send the sample bottle off
  4. Once the testing has is done, the laboratory will send a PDF report by email
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