Filtasorb2 Water Removal Media

Filtasorb2 improves upon the strengths of the original in order to deliver unparalleled water removal performance at an unbeatable price.

Water affects the performance of oils, leading to increased degradation and microbial contamination. Absorption remains an effective solution for removal of water from oils and, in the case of Filtasorb2, a low cost and rapid cleanup solution.

For oil applications Filtasorb2 can quickly and economically reduce water content as high as several thousand ppm down to acceptable levels e.g. Under 300ppm in a vey short space of time.

Filtasorb2 absorbs up to 3x more water than the leading competitor while also enabling much faster flow rates. Recent field test data has been remarkable, reducing water content from over 44,000ppm to less than 100ppm in a single pass. There is no other product currently on the market that comes close to matching this cost effective performance.

Filtasorb2 delivers unbeatable performance which ensures 100% free water and 99.9% entrained water removal.

Filtasorb2 has a voracious appetite for water and absorbs it from heavy mineral and bio-based oils.

Filtasorb2 is able to be fitted into any of our housings that you see below.

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