Patch Test Kits

Particulate is a significant cause of system failures and component wear. Particles found in hydraulic systems are introduced from a variety of sources, from new oil deliveries to air born dust entering tank vents, to internal corrosion of tanks and wear particles to name but a few.

The portable patch test kit enables you to quickly identify abnormal levels of contamination, wear debris and varnish in fluid power systems so that corrective actions can be scheduled.

The kit enables instant visual analysis through an optical microscope of the significant types of system wear including bright and black metals, silica, fibres, elastomers, plastics and others.

If you are looking for a kit supplied complete with everything required to take immediate samples and is simple and easy to read, choose Filtertechnik’s patch test kit.

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Patch Kit Contents

  • Microscope with inbuilt digital camera
  • IP67 Certified rated carry case
  • Filter forceps, stainless steel
  • Petri slides for contamination
  • 47mm gridded membranes
  • 0.8µm Membrane filter, Pore size 25mm
  • Thermo Scientific reusable filter holder with receiver.
  • ESD Dispensing bottle with bent nozzle-250ml.
  • Funnel HDPE 120mm diameter 450ml
  • 3 Piece funnel patch holding set.
  • Beaker with printed graduations 600ml
  • Thief-pump
  • HDPE Plastic bottle 250ml
  • HDPE Plastic bottle 500ml
  • Oil sample bottles
  • 8mm flexi tubing
  • Compare booklet
  • Software
  • Manual


  • Patch test kit to measure contamination to ISO 4407 & AS 4059
  • High-quality microscope & camera give a visual representation and record of contamination
  • Identify wear elements Varnish test complete with reference slides


  • Software available to display trending graphs
  • Simple to assemble and use
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