6 POT POLISHING SYSTEM 20 L/MIN water and particulate removal

The remarkable versatile six filter cell Hippo filtration system is now available to hire.

The FT-8000 is simple to install and is a cost effective way to remove dirt and solid contaminants commonly found in your oils.

Standard in-line filters mostly filter down to 20 micron efficiency. The Hippo filter is capable of removing harmful solid contaminants down to less than 1 micron - the level where the most harmful contaminants are.

It consists of 6x FTP180 filter housings arranged in parallel to cope with oil flows of up to 20 L/min and 10 bar pressure. An internal bypass circuit opens at 4 bar that allows oil to pass directly from the inlet line to the outlet.

Various valve arrangements can be incorporated into the inlet of the unit to allow it to be used on high pressure and high flow systems. The valve limits the feed to 20 l/min at 4 bar. Higher flow units are available on request.




  • Low flow shut down
  • High pressure shutdown
  • Minimess sample points
  • 3/4" in/out self sealing couplings
  • 2nd outlet for fluid transfer


  • Flow rates of up to 20 L/min
  • Able to clean solid particulate down to under 3 micron
  • The ability to absorb up to 3 Litres of water
  • Able to clean both fuels and oils
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