A-TB Filler Strainer Assemblies

Filler Strainer Assembly Specification



Mesh Size: 70

Strainer O.D.: 4.38

Strainer Height: 3.94

Flange Diameter: 5.56



Mesh Size: 24

Strainer O.D.: (111)

Strainer Height: (100)

Flange Diameter: (141)


*Metric Dimensions in ( ).



Speed the process of adding fluid to a reservoir by using the Schroeder rapid fill cap and strainer.

The strainer is 4.38" in diameter and designed to accept cold viscous fluids easily.

Choose from two strainer mesh sizes: A-TB-779, which features #24 mesh, and A-TB-780, which is supplied with #70 mesh.

The cap completely seals the opening. All assemblies are supplied with necessary hardware, including retaining chain for cap and self tapping screws for installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Two mesh strainer sizes
  • Cap completely seals the opening
  • All assemblies are supplied with necessary hardware
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