Barrel Filtration Lance

It’s a well-known fact that new oil is not always as clean as the refineries/suppliers may lead you to believe it is.  It is always recommended to filter new oil as it is transferred into the machinery or asset using a filter cart such as one from the Filtertechnik SFC range.  This single pass transfer filtration method is a good start, but multi pass filtration of the oil within the barrel prior to transfer is a much better precautionary measure to take.

This simple device is designed to allow offline filtration of a 205L barrel of oil through a single lance.  It eliminates the need to try and fit two lances through the 50mm cap or the subsequent need to cut an additional hole in the barrel for the second lance.  

Oil is drawn from the bottom of the barrel and returned near the top to minimise dead spots and create as much movement of the oil within the barrel as possible.

1” BSP suction and return connections allow filtration flow rates up to 50 L/min.

Available in mild steel and stainless-steel versions.

FT-BL-MS-100-1 FT-BL-SS-100-1


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