High Viscosity Portable Oil Polishing Cart 30-150 l/min adjustable flow

Filtertechnik’s newest member to the hire fleet.

Hire Rig No: 10 is a mobile High Viscosity oil filtration system filtering oils with a viscosity as high as 2200cst, it is fitted with 2 GK9 single-stack filter housings in series which use GeoSeal filter media, the self-priming gear pump can deliver contaminated oil up to a very respectable 150 L/min.

A clogging indicator fitted to the top of each filter housing serves as a visual aid for the user to check the remaining life of the filter media. The pump speed and flow rate are controllable and there is a variable area flow meter fitted to show this.

The pump is protected by an internal bypass system which will crack when the system pressure exceeds 7 bar, the system pressure can also be monitored via a pressure gauge next to the control panel. The system is supplied with 2 x 3 Meter hoses and lances, the suction hose is fitted with a y-strainer to take out any large contaminants before they reach the pump. The connection ports are 1.5” quick release couplings.

  • Quick-release inlet and outlet
  • Self-priming heavy-duty gear pump
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Continuous duty cycle.
  • Adjustable flow rates of 30-150 l/min
  • High viscosity oils up 2200cst
  • Able to clean solid particulate down to 1µm absolute
  • Can remove trace water using water removal elements
  • Stage filtration for fine polishing of the oil
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