Sentry Filtration System: 25L/min (1,500L/hr)

The Sentry is our entry level filtration cart designed to perform superbly within constant industrial or intermittent oil transfer applications.

Fitted with a high-quality housing and absolute rated synthetic media elements it offers a flow rate of 25L/min alongside flexible filter element selection and simple element changeovers.

Use your Sentry to ensure that oil will be clean and ready for use at any time.


  • Automotive industry
  • Plant Equipment Hire
  • Steel production
  • Paper Mills
  • Injection Moulding
  • Marine

Extensive Range Of Filter Consumables Available:

  • Filtertechnik FTB-6-xx, Absolute filter element, available from 1µm - 25µm.
  • Schroeder 6R Nominal filter element, available from 3µm to 10µm
  • Schroeder 6RW Water Removal element .

Please contact one of our team of experts to discuss your requirements in more detail.


  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile use
  • Up to 25 L/min flow rate
  • Ideal for use with high viscosity oils
  • A range of micron rating options available
  • Clean oil to ISO cleanliness codes of 14/12/9 - 13/11/18
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • All-terrain castor wheels
  • Uses standard 110 or 240 V mains electric
  • Off-line contamination control


  • Low initial and consumable costs
  • Rugged design
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for replenishing systems with filtered oil and end of production line flushing
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