SFC-4000 Mobile single pass filtration unit

  • sfc4000
The SFC-4000 mobile filtration unit is designed for continuous use or transfer duties on hydraulic and lubrication oils. A rugged, self-priming, internal gear pump fitted with an inverter-controlled variable speed drive provides filtration flow up to 120l/w, making this unit suitable for all applications from mobile plant up to large volume tanks and gearboxes. 3 stages of filtration using 27" K-series elements from Shroeder Industries allows for single pass use with a dirt holding capacity of over 1kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable speed pump up to 120l/m
  • Ideal for use with high viscosity oils
  • 3-stage filtration for single-pass use
  • Absolute rated filter elements down to 1 micron
  • Massive 1kg dirt holding capacity
  • Simple controls with push button START/STOP, speed control and e-stop
  • LED indication of blocked filter
  • Hose storage incorporated into frame
  • Oil sample points pre and post filtration
  • Easy connection to the Particle Pal series of condition monitoring equipment
  • Gauges for vacuum and pump pressure
  • Compact mobile design that will fit any standard doorway
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