On Board Diesel Filtration Products

Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world.  These conditions can lead to engine failure, breakdowns, contaminant entry and expensive service interventions.

We focus on optimum diesel fuel conditioning. This is what protects your system from damage. Our On-Board Diesel Fuel Filtration Product Line, or HDP, can protect your equipment from irreversible damage caused by contamination, a key reason why well-designed on-board diesel filtration is critical.

Our solutions go upstream of the engine and serve as a primary fuel filter and water separator to ensure outside contaminants like particles and water do not interfere with costly fuel system components. On-board filtration allows Schroeder products to go directly onto a variety of applications ranging from diesel-powered fuel systems of off-highway equipment to diesel-powered electric generators. Schroeder onboard equipment can be thought of as a "pre-filter."

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