FFC-3000 Portable Fuel Filtration Cart

The FFC-3000 Fuel Filtration Cart is designed for dispensing, transferring and polishing applications. The rugged "sack truck" style frame makes it highly manoeuvrable for when site access is challenging.

A self-priming progressive cavity pump enables fuel to be lifted from a depth of up to 5.0m. The Schroeder Industries GHPF particulate filter provides absolute rated filtration in a range of grades down to 1 micron, whilst the GHCF coalescing filter uses the latest separation technology to ensure a single pass water removal efficiency of >95% on both diesel and bio-diesel.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-priming pump (50 L/min)
  • 5.0m suction lift
  • Particulate removal down to 1 micron Absolute
  • Coalescing water removal element
  • Manual water drain with sight glass indicator
  • Rugged yet manoeuvrable frame with integrated drip tray
  • Weatherproof electrical enclosure with contactor and overload
  • 3m suction and delivery hoses with 1m extension lances
  • Designed for use on both diesel and bio-diesel.
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