FILTERSHIELD dial indicator

Monitor your filter system, save downtime!

If you are looking to monitor your industrial filter system, cart, or other skid, the Filter Sheild series is a great option. With standard ranges shipping same day, three colour status indication, and max indicating pointer, this gauge series is packed with value. Our piston gauges lead the industry because of our advanced seal design that utilises PTFE ring. This reduces the ability for media to travel from high port to low port, through the gauge. Without this, contamination between ports and false readings could occur.

Benefits & Features

  • Improve cartridge sales, reduce downtime, prevent system failures
  • Highest system pressure offered (6000 psi)
  • Great for filters
  • Panel mountable dials
  • Colour bands and follower pointers are great for protecting your system, available in aluminum or stainless steel versions.
  • Available in 10 psid, 30 psid, 40 psid, 50 psid, 60psid ranges



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